Fat Boy’s doing well!

I can tell that Fat Boy is much better following his Big Fight last Saturday as he won’t let me anywhere near him. When he was feeling poorly, I was able to catch him and pick him up to check him over but now he’s recovered, those days are over.

His comb is now a very dark red and will probably stay like that (it’s the chicken equivalent of a broken nose) and I’m yet to hear him crow but he’s definitely feeling more chirpy and his confidence is growing every day.

I’ve got a photo of him but WordPress won’t let me upload it for some reason so I’ll try again later.

Update: Here are a couple of photos of the Wounded Hero:

Fat Boy is looking better

Fat Boy is looking better

Fat Boy tucks into some breakfast breadcrumbs

Fat Boy tucks into some breakfast breadcrumbs


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  1. Posted by thegardensmallholder on 21 February 2009 at 8:50 am

    Glad he is on the mend, he did look very sorry for himself in the photo just after his kicking.

  2. I’ve decided he’s a bit of a drama queen but yes, he was thoroughly miserable. Luckily all the hens who deserted him for Nemo have come crawling back and Irene, Nemo’s favourite, is now competing for position of Most Loved Hen with Buffy, Fat Boy’s Beloved. Who needs soap operas?!

  3. You know, I once had two roosters go at each other so badly that one of them actually bit the whole tail end (his reproductive organs) right off the other. Ironically, it was ‘little guy’ who was not-so-little when he grew up, who lost those bits to the other, much smaller rooster. It’s weird eh, so many of them can get along fine and then suddenly, there are two that just have to fight to the death!


  4. Well, at least I now know (a) the signs leading up to a fight and (b) that I can do the necessary so hopefully all this can be avoided in future!

    Mor good news: while Fat Boy didn’t actually crow today, he did manage the “bok bok” that comes before it!

  5. He’s gorgeous but cockerels will fight especially those of the same size. We are waiting for Thunder (our large and scary guinea fowl cock)A to fight with Beatyl or small pretty bantam cockerel. At the moment Beatyl avoids any conflict but in the future who knows?

  6. Beatyl! What a great name!

    I need to find a way to keep the cockerels on for the table without any inter-chicken carnage. Any suggestions?

  7. Capons? If HDR’s experience is anything to go by, you might get one cockerel to do the deed for the others …

  8. LOL 😀

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