Piggy manners!

I’m off up to Mum’s today and then we’re over to Jennie’s for dinner so I probably won’t be online again until tomorrow. As you can imagine, the logistics of everything means time is tight so this is a bit of a cheaty blog post (though nicely timed as I can’t think of a way to tie these photos in with any other post I’ve a mind to write…!)

Brini and Scrumpy - 20 February 2009

Brini and Scrumpy - 20 February 2009

Tia and Bailey - 20 February 2009

Tia and Bailey - 20 February 2009

In case you are wondering, their fruit and veg buckets included bananas, bread, mangoes, apples, grapes, runner beans and lettuce! (Listed in order of preference)


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  1. Posted by thegardensmallholder on 24 February 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Great photos, boy they eat well!
    I love the low angle of the second pic 🙂

  2. They eat better than me! Luckily, it’s all free from my local greengrocer 🙂

    They’re all used to me hanging around taking photos and no longer feel the need to investigate – shame the same can’t be said for the dogs, cats, weaners and chickens!!

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