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Where’s my sunshine gone?

At the start of the month (especially during the snow!), in addition to the usual clothing choices such as trousers and underwear, my outdoors wardrobe consisted of:

  • thermal t-shirt
  • fleece jumper
  • fleece jacket
  • waterproof winter jacket
  • woolly hat
  • scarf
  • 2 x gloves (one pair of fingerless under a normal pair)
  • 3 x socks

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been joyfully dumping most of the above, culminating in the swapping of the thermal t-shirt for a regular one earlier in the week.

And then yesterday, I got to abandon the jumper and for the first time ever for a February afternoon, wandered round in a t-shirt!

Look, here’s the proof:

The ruddy face shows how bloomin warm it was!

The ruddy face shows how bloomin warm it was!

Today, however, is gloomy and overcast and I’ve been forced to put the fleece jumper back on.

Bring back my sunshine!!!!