Stella the Kune Kune

Wow, it’s been a whole year since I bought my first Kune Kune pig: a massive beast we called Stella. I sold her last August, along with Brini’s litter sister, Brusco, to a friend of Mum’s who wanted some grazers to mow his 7 acres without needing the attention (and paperwork) of cattle, sheep or goats.

He fell for Stella the first time he saw her, which was a relief as when I say she was a beast, I meant it.

Most Kune Kunes are gentle, loving creatures.

Not Stella.

In the six months I owned her, she bit me more times than any other individual animal – or indeed, group of animals. In 30 years, I’ve been bitten by four different dogs and while the cats always have a good go, it’s more scratching with them. I’ve been kicked by three horses and bitten by just two and my hamster once bit me good and proper on the tip of my finger. The rabbit and guinea pig only ever managed to chew through my clothing but never my flesh. I’ve been stung by one bee, one hornet and several wasps. A monkey once tried to bite me. I narrowly avoided being bitten by an extremely venomous snake in Argentina when I was six.

But Stella took chucks out of me on a regular basis. She was grumpy, moody and a law unto herself.

I’m amazed I kept on going with the breed and bought Scrumpy and Tia!

I had originally wanted one or two weaners to keep as pets, and run them alongside a meat pig, so that we could get one for the freezer at a time instead of two together (47kg of sausages!!!) but the ones we saw near us were way out of my budget and while we were on the lookout for more adverts for Kune Kune piglets, we saw one for an adult Kune Kune.

The breeder we saw with the expensive piglets told us about using them for meat as well as pets, which is where we got the idea to breed Kune Kunes. So, seeing an advert for a reasonably priced adult sow that we could, in theory, start breeding from immediately, seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.


Still, like I said, having bought Stella and discovered the downside of her personality, we saw an advert a couple of weeks later for more adult Kune Kunes for sale and rang up for some advise on handling our new pig.

The rest, as they say, is a story for another day.

Update: I originally published this on 27/2/09 but looking back in my records, I actually collected Stella on 25/2/08 not the 27th! So I’ve changed the date of publication, just to avoid any confusion next year!!!!

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  2. Just bought two and a half kune kune pigs in the last week. ’42’ is a boar, white, 6 months old but behaves like a dog – he is adorable! Mrs Weasley is a 8 month old ginger sow who we think might be pregnant. We have half shares in another 12 month old kune kune who is about to go in the freezer! The cost NZ$40 per pig about GBP10 per animal – a bargain!

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