When Ted met Victoria

Last year, having spent the winter indoors in the old (and very large) sheep shed, we let out two pigs out to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and mud, glorious mud.

Albert was quite happy to dig his way through the paddock but on one sunny afternoon last year, Victoria decided she had larger horizons and carefully dismantled the barrier stopping them (ha!) from getting through the hedge, made her way through, scrambled over the old wall and ended up in the double fence separating the house field from the yard.

Ted, mum’s Welsh Mountain Pony stallion, was most intrigued by his visitor:

Ello, ello. What are you?

Ello, ello. What are you?

Hmm, you smell different!

Hmm, you smell different!

Just don’t ask how we managed to get Victoria back: it involved her balancing precariously on top of the rather wobbly remains of the wall and then climbing down a steep slope before jumping over a broken hurdle…

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  1. Posted by thegardensmallholder on 26 February 2009 at 9:24 am

    Oh bless, they look like the best of friends!

  2. He’s a Welsh Mountain pony so was quite happy to meet a Welsh pig. But you should have seen him when he met the Kune Kunes!!!

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