Cheeky mutt!

When B and I moved out of Mum’s, we made the decision that the dogs would not be allowed on the furniture.

This is why:

Midge - 27 February 2008

Midge - 27 February 2008

Funny – but naughty!

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  1. Yes we have that rule as well but somehow the translation to doggie and pussy talk never made it through. I don’t quite understand this as whenever I say “it’s chicken tonight” all three turn up with a look of antisipation on their faces. Margaret

  2. What’s yours is mine… animal translation for all things forbidden. 😀

  3. @Margaret: it’s called selective hearing. They’re all masters in that respect! We’ve never managed to ban the cats from the furniture or the kitchen counter, which is why Queenie helped her self to B’s dinner last night…

    @Vetnurse: Indeed!!!!

  4. Posted by Cathy on 27 February 2009 at 1:29 pm

    That’s adorable! But I know, no dogs on the table. Have you gotten the look from the animals when you tell them “NO” that says “Well, why not?!”

  5. On a daily basis from my Labrador (not to mention the cats)!

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