Eggs and naughty chickens

Irene, our Dorking x Light Sussex hen has, it seems, had enough of being in with the other big chickens and spent most of the week getting out of their pen and into the bantams’. I therefore spent most of the week putting her back with the others, a task made more difficult by her refusal to come within three feet of any human. Putting her back therefore involved distracting the big chickens, flattening the electric netting and “chasing” her sheepdog-style through the gap.

But I gave up the day she took herself back to the bantams in the few seconds my back was turned as I checked for eggs!

Now she just pops back and forth for reasons known only to herself.

I need to clip her wing feathers to stop her flying but will wait until B’s next day off as I think two of us will definitely be needed: one to hold a protesting chicken and one to clip the feathers!

Irene in with the bantams - 27 February 2009

Irene in with the bantams - 27 February 2009

Still, I can’t be cross with any of the chickens: in February, they laid a grand total of 151 eggs, with the big chickens laying 87 and the Bantams and Silkies popping out 64!

And, on one very happy day, each and every hen laid an egg for me! You should have seen the grin on my face when I realised there were eight eggs in the bucket!

Well done girls – keep ’em coming!

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  1. i never tire of collecting eggs. always brings a smile to see them lurking in the nest box.

  2. I still can’t get over it. I give things they love to eat and they give me something I love to eat. It’s amazing!

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