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Roots and tags

More evidence that Kune Kunes just can’t help themselves when it comes to rooting:

The weaners - 1 March 2009

The weaners - 1 March 2009

The little darlings are very sneaky. If I forget to switch on the electric netting, even for an hour, they burrow underneath it an the whole field is their oyster!

So far this week, I’ve caught Scratchy on the other side of the field outside Brini and Scrumpy’s enclosure (luckily their fence was on so he couldn’t get any further!) and Harold and Pinky on the bank, stuffing themselves on the grass. Scratchy got out overnight, and I’m not sure where he slept. He was more than happy to return in exchange for his breakfast, but Harold and Pinky got out while I popped out to get more pig food and since they had grass on their side of the fence and knew they’d only have roots, bramble leaves reeds on their proper side, refused point blank to come back until I produced some bread and waved it just out of reach… Both escapes were worthy of a “mole” from the PoW escape stories from the Second World War!!!

And, as you can see from the photo, the weaners are now sporting tags in their left ears. Legally, before they can be slaughtered, all livestock needs to be tagged so I thought I’d better get on with it as the two boys, Harold and Scratchy, don’t have long left before the Big Day, and Pinky, Perky and Curly won’t be around forever, either, though Perks might get longer as she’s got a nice long back and might make a decent candidate for some bacon.

I digress…

Since the sun was shining and the ground was nice and dry (better conditions for potential pig wrestling), I decided to get on with it and talked Jennie into helping out, using Fergie (who we didn’t tag) as a lure…

Tagging was a lot easier than I thought it would be, both for me and the pigs and while it clearly hurt them as the tag punctured their ear, within just a couple of minutes they were careering about as normal and when the next weaner was having their done, came back to the makeshift pen to see what was going on.

I gave them some treats afterwards, thinking to bribe them into forgiving me, but that turned out to be unnecessary, so the bananas and bread were more of a salve on my conscience than anything else!

Left to right: Curly, Pinky, Scratchy, Harold, Perky, Fergie

Left to right: Curly, Pinky, Scratchy, Harold, Perky, Fergie