Cake in a bowl!

Following on from my discovery of cake in a mug, and both Jennie and welshpurpletree blogging about their experiences of this ingenious recipe, I thought I’d better do my bit and blog about my yummy attempt.

Cake in a bowl! 2 March 2009

Cake in a bowl! 2 March 2009

When it came to making the cake, it turned out that I had no oil so instead used three tablespoons of milk. Jennie reported that her cake was quite dry but ours was not.

Recipe, consider thyself improved!


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  1. Not meaning to rain on your parade (and yay! You baked!), is that some form of melted chocolate on the top of the cake, or did it not cook quite right? I’m really not trying to be rude! And major kudos for baking – you’ll be doing layer cakes and roast dinners next!

  2. Slopped in too much water but the second one I did was to the letter and had no sloppiness.


    And I can cook – it’s just that most of the time, I seem to be the only one who actually likes my cooking 😦

  3. […] it on my mind at the moment as we bought some Dulce de Leche ice cream ages ago and had it with our Cake in a Mug. Last night, I left a comment over at LittleFfarm Dairy about it and now it’s in my […]

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