Pride before a fall

I don’t plan to go into details but yesterday, I made a stupid decision. And by stupid, I’m talking six foot high capitals letters in neon colours decorated with flashing lights. FUBAR comes to mind.

What I should have done was to ring a friend, explain the task that needs doing, and see if she would be able to help. But no… I went it alone and then when it all went horrible wrong, was forced to ring said friend and not only ask for help, but also to admit that I’m a complete dufus, something she really didn’t seem too surprised about…

The problem is, the mistake I made could have all sorts of consequences and can’t be quickly fixed.

Which leaves me with nothing to do but worry. And ache in several different places. And attempt to work out how I came to make such a bad decision.

Note to self: always ask first.


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  1. Don’t beat yourself up about it. People make silly mistakes; we’re all human. You ok? I’ll see you tomorrow morning – probably won’t be the mega early time that you get there, but I’ll try to see that it’s earlier than I generally am! xxxx

  2. I’m not human: I’m a walking pin-cushion!!


    If they’ve got the forecast right, it’ll start raining at about midday… 🙂

  3. Now you know that this isn’t fair. I mean, do you want me to sit around for the next 24 hours worrying and wondering what you got up to? LOL. I know I’m just nosey. But seriously I hope you are non too worse for wear. Do take care of yourself. I lived in the wopwops out the back of New Zealand in my younger days where, like you, I had to do most things myself, normal services were just too far away. It is so easy to over reach yourself. Take care, Margaret

    PS, I was going to say send me an email with all the details but my daughter has said MUM DON’T BE NOSEY!!!!, so I will just hope you are okay, haha

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