Archive for March 9th, 2009


It’s been a busy few days

  • Wormed the pigs this week. Used the injection Ivomectin, which does internal worms and external parasites. Stabbed myself as well several times, so I’m covered. Not easy to inject “under the skin” when your pigs don’t have very loose skin. Add that to the self-injecting and next time, I’m using granules.
  • Sliced my finger open yesterday on a tin as I picked it up to throw into the recycling box. Ouch.
  • B has gone away for the week to see relatives. Not sure who misses her more, me or her cat. Horatio’s consequently sulking big time and won’t talk to me. I’ll put a wash on soon, that’ll cheer him up.
  • After many months of eating properly, Midge has gone back to being a fussy eater and in the past three days, hasn’t eaten much more than a handful of biscuits. All I can do is wait for her to get hungry…
  • My hand is covered in scratches. I think one of the cats went for me while I was asleep last night!
  • Before worming the pigs, I measured them all to get an estimate of their weights. I’ve been feeding them too much. Oops!
  • It was sunny yesterday morning when I fed the pigs, so I didn’t put on my waterproof coat. Predictably, the heavens opened and I was forced to wait it out in Tia and Bailey’s ark. Tia was thrilled and settled down for lots of belly rubs and head scritches. Bailey was a bit surprised when he eventually had enough of the hailstones and made for shelter!
  • I want to get on with the vegetable garden but we keep getting frosts. Most annoying.