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She’s broody, broody, broody, broody!

On Saturday morning, B said she thought Mama Silkie was going broody again as she had settled herself into the Eglu nest box, even though there were no eggs under her. However when I fed in the afternoon, she was out and about with the others. This pattern continued until Tuesday when she simply stayed in the nest box! Not bad for a hen who hatched some chicks in November and has been laying quite happily in the past month!

Broody Mama Silkie - 11 March 2009

Broody Mama Silkie - 11 March 2009

Her timing was, however, terrible as I was in a hurry to get everything finished so I could meet Jennie for our night out at the cinema and a curry but I managed to get the broody ark ready for her. I wish I could afford another Eglu as the broody ark is a shambles. It leaks like a sieve, so needs to be covered with a tarpaulin, it’s falling apart, and although the house part is lovely and big, the run is tiny. I loved having her and her chicks in the Eglu over the winter but unless I can find homes for the three chicks in the next couple of weeks so I can put the remaining Bantams and Silly Silkie in with the big chickens, they’ll have to keep the Eglu and Mama will just have to cope. Maybe I can build an extension for the run. Or … the others can have the wooden ark as they’ll be out and about during the day and the chicks can be safely shut up in the Eglu and its 1m run until they’re big enough to go out with the adults and stop looking like a tasty treat to our resident crows and magpies.

Does anyone want a couple of Silkie x Pekin Bantam pullets (1M, 1F) and a pure Pekin (F)? I’ll happily swap the lot for a couple of bantam pullets! I’ve also got a Buff x pullet who hatched in July and is laying quite happily that I’d love to swap for a dual purpose pullet of the same age…!