Snoring like… pigs!

This is the photo of my Kune Kunes last year:

The Kune Kunes - 27 March 2008

The Kune Kunes - 27 March 2008

Tia’s the one at the back, with Scrumpy on the left and Stella on the right.

They stayed like that for hours. In fact, they only woke up when I went to check that they were, in fact, asleep…!

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  1. It is a bit disconcerting, I must admit. Especially when Bailey is doing his “I’m asleep and can’t hear you” trick!

  2. Hi tried leaving a message before not sure if it worked….just to say love the photo.I must admit my heart would miss a beat if I found them like that.

    Enjoy reading your blog, found it via Colour it Green

  3. Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by! My heart misses several beats every day as Bailey (as Jennie has noticed!), Tia and little Fergie are all experts at the deep sleep trick: so deep that their breathing slows right down which means that thanks to all their hair, it’s very hard to make out the truth from your worst fears. I now send my Labrador in to wake up Tia and Bailey in the morning as they sleep until I arrive at their enclosure feed bowls in hand, as it’s far less stressful! Fergie’s sisters have not, however, met my instructions of “go and wake your sister” with much enthusiasm so I find myself desperately pushing my heart back down my throat on a daily basis: the fact that she’s deaf means you essentially have to prod her, so the results do make up for the excesses of my imagination… mostly.

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