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Playing with the theme

I got a bit bored with my last theme (mainly the fact that it’s just two columns: I’m a sucker for three-column blog themes) and since everyone else is having a spring clean, I thought I’d join the club.

For what it’s worth, I can’t bear the colour scheme of this current one (Andreas04 by Andreas Viklund) and there’s a lot about it that needs tidying up if only I had access to the style sheet, but of all the three-column themes available (a whopping eight!!!), this is the one I dislike the least, so it’ll do for now. Unless the colour starts to grate on my nerves, in which case, bear with me…!

UPDATE: Ignore all the above. I’m back with the K2-lite theme. I might play again later, right now I’ve got piggies to scritch and a veggie garden to get on with!

Appearances can be deceptive

A couple of self-deprecating anecdotes for your amusement:

Several weeks ago, I went to the local library to do some photocopying. I went up to the desk and asked if they did indeed have a photocopying machine. The librarian nodded and was in the middle of telling me where it was located when she had a proper look at me. An old and scruffy jumper, muddy jeans, muddy leather boots, messy hair… She stopped and asked if I’d like her to do the photocopying for me.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, I was feeding the pigs and as the weather kept turning from hot sunshine to heavy rain with little warning, decided that after the morning’s soaking, this time I’d go for too hot but dry and donned my raincoat, which is actually a child’s one. I was happily chatting away to Tia and Bailey, my back to the road that runs alongside the field, when I heard a voice: “Hey, kid!”

I turned round in shock and came face to face with a teenage boy who proceeded to put on the most incredible display of blushing that I’ve ever seen. After going through a whole spectrum of colours, his cheeks settled on a vivid colour that would do any post box proud. “Erm, can you tell me the way to the train station?”, he stammered, and I duly gave him directions, trying to stop myself from laughing. Off he walked (well, ran) and I almost wet my pants, I was laughing so hard. Readers, he was half my age!!!!!!!!