Playing with the theme

I got a bit bored with my last theme (mainly the fact that it’s just two columns: I’m a sucker for three-column blog themes) and since everyone else is having a spring clean, I thought I’d join the club.

For what it’s worth, I can’t bear the colour scheme of this current one (Andreas04 by Andreas Viklund) and there’s a lot about it that needs tidying up if only I had access to the style sheet, but of all the three-column themes available (a whopping eight!!!), this is the one I dislike the least, so it’ll do for now. Unless the colour starts to grate on my nerves, in which case, bear with me…!

UPDATE: Ignore all the above. I’m back with the K2-lite theme. I might play again later, right now I’ve got piggies to scritch and a veggie garden to get on with!


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  1. Your two right-hand columns clash as there’s not enough space between them. DePo Masthead is quite an elegant three-column theme—provided you don’t have too many archive posts or too long a blogroll. I considered it for my new theme, but it scrolled for ever thanks to my long blogroll.

  2. Cheers, Stoney. Back to the drawing board! Hmm, this quick coffee break seems to be going on for a mighty long time. Oops!

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