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Two chicks!!

Well, the number of chickens we have went up by two yesterday, a day ahead of schedule. Mama Silkie wasn’t very keen on letting them pose for the camera and everytime I gently moved her out of the way so I could see the chicks, she carefully but firmly hid them again under her feathers.

The only photo worth showing you completely fails to capture their cuteness but you know what chicks are like, so you really don’t need me to tell you!

Mama Silkie and the first (I hope) two chicks - 30 March 2009

Mama Silkie and the first (I hope) two chicks - 30 March 2009

One is black and one’s yellow so, if November’s chicks are anything to go by, the black one will be a pure Pekin bantam and the other will be a Silkie x Pekin.

She’s got another six eggs, four bantam/Silkie and two from the big chickens: one from Irene and one from Willow. I really hope they’re fertile, that they hatch and that they’re both female as it would be lovely to have some more of Fat Boy’s daughters to remind us of the big oaf. However, I think Flint was also getting up close and personal with the girls and I’m somehow sceptical that a Pekin bantam has got what it takes to fertilise the eggs of a Buff Orpington. Doesn’t stop him trying though, which is a cause of concern when it comes to getting a new cockerel for the big gals.

Maybe I should re-home John and Dolly instead and put Flint in with the Silkies, thereby allowing me to keep all of John’s daughters, whether they’re pure bantam or not. Truth be told, I don’t want to breed any more small chickens (unless there’s a massive market out there that I’m unaware of?!) but would love to use the broodiness of the Silkies to hatch eggs from the bigger hens. Ideally, we’d then sell the gals and fatten the boys for the table. Win win.

Any takers for the sweetest Pekin bantam couple this side of the Severn Bridge? She’s a fantastic layer, he’s an excellent companion and caters to her every need. He’s also excellent with chicks and used to feed them from his beak!!