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Just the three chicks

It was HOT yesterday afternoon. At least, that’s how it seemed considering it’s early April and so far, all we’ve had is warm. The pigs made wallows (photos to follow), so it must have been hot!

Unfortunately, the sudden heat made Mama Silkie abandon her nest, leaving 5 eggs. By the time I found them, they were stone cold. Two should have hatched earlier this week but didn’t, but the remaining ones were from the big chickens and I was really hoping for some more daughters from Fat Boy but sadly, that is not to be.

It’s gutting when that happens, but as I said to B, we made a decision to let hens raise chicks instead of doing them ourselves in an incubator and if you want do things naturally, you have to take the bad with the good.

Mama Silkie and her chicks - 2 April 2009

Mama Silkie and her chicks - 2 April 2009

Still, we’ve got three very cute and fluffy chicks, one black, one dusky brown/black and one yellow. Mama’s very proud of her brood and found a sunny spot out on the grass yesterday, settling down for some much-missed sunshine after three weeks in the nest box.

For some reason, WordPress won’t let me add photos but I’ll try again later.

Update: Photo added!!