Fergie and Perky, meet Brini and Scrumpy

I’ve just realised that I haven’t done a proper piggy update for ages so here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on.

Harold and Scratchy have fulfilled their destiny and after 10 and 6 months (respectively) of causing chaos, mayhem and laughs a-plenty, now reside in the freezer, having been converted into truly scrumptious sausages, chops, roasting joints, etc. I’ll write another post on the subject another time.

Pinky and Curly will be going the same way next month. Pink’s ready now, but the abattoir is closed for refurbishment until mid-May so she’s got a reprieve. Curly won’t be ready for a long while yet, as he is so diddy, but he’s a boy and has been getting far too interested in his sisters (yes, indeed) so he goes at the earliest opportunity.

And Curly and his new appreciation for his sisters is, I’m afraid to report, the reason why Perky and Fergie and currently having all colours of shit beaten out of them. I’m not not bothered if he covers Pinky as she’s going soon, but I’m keeping Perky on to see if it’s possible to get bacon from a Kune Kune and we’re obviously keeping Fergie for good, so the thought of either of them carrying their half-brother’s offspring is not appealing, especially little Fergie! I don’t think her body could cope with it.

So… on Thursday I took action and on Thursday I broke up the Terrible Two, putting Pinky and Curly in one enclosure and putting Perky and Fergie in with Brini and Scrumpy.

Pinky and Curly - 2 April 2009

Pinky and Curly - 2 April 2009

Pinky is devastated and can’t understand where her sister and best-bud has gone. She’s lost without Perky and has become extremely affectionate, following me like a little puppy, instead of charging around like a mad thing (her usual behaviour). I feel really mean but what has to be done, must be done, and she’s getting a much better time than her sister.

Scrumpy, Perky, Brini and Fergie - 2 April 2009

Scrumpy, Perky, Brini and Fergie - 2 April 2009

I introduced the two pairs of pigs by putting them in the trailer for the morning. My pig trailer has an internal gate, so I created two pens and let them get used to each other’s scent without Scrumpy and Brini being able to get to the smaller ones. The plan worked really well as although Brini and Scrumpy are being horrible to their younger companions, no blood has been split (touch wood!), which is the usual result of introducing strange pigs.

However, Brini and Scrumpy refused to let Fergie and Perky sleep in the ark and when I arrived on Friday morning, I found the pair asleep outside in a hole they’d dug! It was due to rain that night, so I dragged the trailer over and prepared it for a new role as emergency accommodation:

The pig trailer, ready and waiting for its first guests! 3 April 2009

The pig trailer, ready and waiting for its first guests! 3 April 2009

It was an easy job, just a matter of draping a couple of tarpaulins over the top to keep the rain out, making sure the wheels are blocked with heavy stones to stop it rolling off anywhere, and as it’s only got the two wheels, that the ramp end is supported so it doesn’t tip when the pigs enter or exit, like a see-saw!

However, things were made much more complicated by the wind, which kept snatching the tarpaulin out of my hands, and the pigs, who kept stealing the string!

But I got there in the end and it soon got the Fergie Seal of Approval:

Fergie - 3 April 2009

Fergie - 3 April 2009

However, Brini and Scrumpy haven’t stop proving that they are the dominant pigs and Fergie and Perky spend a lot of time being chased, bowled over and generally pushed around. Thankfully, they’ve now learnt to keep their distance and since the scuffles only really take place at meal times, I’m not too worried. I’m yet to hear them squabbling when I’m not around (believe me, the way the younger pigs shriek, I’d know!) so it could be a lot worse.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go!


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  1. Oh bless them! Huggles for Fergles! And Pinky, but Fergles gets the most sympathy because of the skew-iff ear!

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