Facing eviction for keeping chickens!

I’ve only just heard about this story but think that Action needs to be taken!

A couple living in Gateshead are facing eviction for the “crime” of keeping a couple of chickens in their back garden. According to Gateshead Housing Company, tenants are prohibited from keeping livestock on the premises but the couple and supportive campaigners are making the point that two chickens can hardly constitute livestock – and this chicken keeper agrees!

Read more about the story here and here, and then sign the petition!

We believe that people should be encouraged to become self-sufficient as possible. Properly kept, domestic hens pose no nuisance to anyone.

The keeping of cockerels is not included as a right in this proposal

There’s also a Facebook group you can join.

News is a bit outdated though. The couple had until the end of March and we’re now well into April…

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  1. I’ve signed – just a few names under yours! I want to know that I can keep chickens in my back garden (if I ever get one), and not be stopped by petty little bylaws.

  2. If their tenancy agreement says “no livestock”, and the agreement was in place before the chickens, then they have no defence so far as I can see.
    That said, it is a ridiculous regulation, a typical instance of an overbearing authority that needs cutting down to size. I bet they have a rule that says no businesses to be run from their residential properties – and I bet they don’t enforce it because what they don’t see doesn’t bother them. Chickens they can see.
    I will sign the petition if it is not too late.

  3. I agree about the terms of the tenancy but it’s the nature of the regulation that gets me. Our neighbour’s yappy dogs yip yap all day and all night but our hens cluck when they lay… and that’s it! I know which I’d prefer my neighbours to have!

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