Making friends… slowly

It’s been over a week since I put separated Pinky and Curly from Perky and Fergie, and put Brini and Scrumpy in with Fergs and Perks and things have finally started to calm down.

Pinky is slowly forgetting about her sister and best bud and no longer stands at the fence screaming and wailing, which is great for my nerves. Poor thing, she was miserable for a while, but seems quite happy now. And Curly’s thrilled to bits that he’s only got one sister beating him up, not two, so clearly believes he’s on to a Good Thing and is relishing the extra fuss that being one pig in a pen of two, not four, brings. Shame it’s got to end, but time is ticking for the pair!

Brini is also relishing her new status. For the first time ever, she’s climbed the social ladder and never wastes an opportunity to reinforce her new standing over Perky and Fergie. Unfortunately, this also includes the ark, so the two wee uns are still sleeping in the trailer. Hopefully, she’ll thaw a bit this week and once or twice, I’ve caught Perky and Fergie catching an afternoon snooze in the ark, even with her in there. It’s all calm and peaceful … until Brini wakes up and promptly lets rip at the cheek of the pair for sneaking in while she’s asleep! The reason I’m optimistic is that she just screams and charges, but no longer tries to bite.

As for Scrumpy, well she’s always been a bit of a bully, and coming on heat really didn’t help matters, but she’s really started to accept the pair. Well, Perky more than Fergie, but she rarely beats them up now, and then only at meal times, and then it’s more of a gesture than a proper pounding.

She’s taken a liking to the trailer, which worried me at first, but as you can see from the photos I took the other day, it’s actually not that bad:

Scrumpy and Perky - 9 April 2009

Scrumpy and Perky

Scrumpy, Fergie and Perky - 9 April 2009

Fergie feels left out

Scrumpy, Fergie and Perky - 9 April 2009

Well shove over then!

Scrumpy, Fergie and Perky - 9 April 2009

That's better!

Scrumpy, Fergie and Perky - 9 April 2009

Mmmm, night night everyone

I was sitting in the straw at the back of the trailer while all this was going on but stopped being so charmed by the peaceful scene when Scrumpy let rip with a vile sounding (and smelling) fart… so I was forced to interrupt their beauty sleep as I made a very hasty departure!

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