An egg-sellent Easter

B and I had a bit of a piggy-surprise when we arrived at the farm yesterday, but I’ll blog about that later.

When B went to check feed the chickens and collect any eggs, she came back with a puzzled expression on her face and one by one produced the eggs she’d found. A double-yolker, two standard sized eggs and a teeny weeny egg, about the size of a quail’s egg!

By the end of the day, all six laying hens had popped one out, the two exceptions being Mama Silkie, who has got chicks, and Dolly, who is broody.

Home laid eggs on Easter Sunday - 12 April 2009

Home laid eggs on Easter Sunday - 12 April 2009

Left to right: a double-yolker by either Speckle or Dawn, Irene’s egg, Dawn or Speckle’s egg, Buffy or Willow’s egg, Silly Silkie’s egg, the mini-egg by either Willow or Buffy.

The mini-egg didn’t have a yolk, just the white, but we used the four big eggs (including the double yolker, yum yum) to make scrambled eggs, which we had with Sosage de Harold (hmm, another blog post I need to write). A delicious, home grown meal!

Judging by the colour, the mini was definitely laid by either Willow or Buffy, but thanks to the piggy events of the morning, we never got a chance to egg-watch to find out once and for all who is laying which eggs. Typical, really, as all five bigger chooks laid. Ah well, better luck next time!

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  1. […] fed them and I stayed on Fergie duty while B fed the chickens and checked for any eggs. Once they’d finished, I went back across the field (again!) to feed Pinky and Curly, who […]

  2. Do you know for sure that’s a double yolker – if so how? Old Speckled Hen lays ENORMOUS eggs – from time to time they are double but not always.

  3. Hey Rosie,

    I can always tell from the size as it’s unusually large in comparison to the others – next time I get one I’ll measure and weigh it!.

    The pullets generally lay normal size eggs but every so often (less often as whichever pullet it is settles into her new laying routine) out pops a double yolker.

    And the proof, as they say, is always in the eating 🙂

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