This could get expensive!

I’ve been in denial for a few weeks but yesterday afternoon, I was forced to concede that my wellies are officially dead. They started cracking but since we’re now in spring, I thought they’d easily last until winter. Actually, I thought they’d last a LOT longer than that, as I’ve only had them since early January (a birthday present from Jennie) but it seems that your average wellies cannot cope with being worn every day for four months and the right boot now sports various cracks and a huge split in the sole. Which I discovered when I stood in some standing water in the field!

So the hunt is on for a new pair, though I might be optimistic and see if I can track down some wellie shoes or Muckers for the immediate future (being a lot less hot and stinky than full on wellies) and leave the Real Thing until autumn.

The thought of having killed my second pair of wellies in less than a year got me thinking about the rest of my wardrobe that’s also given up the ghost. I’ve worked out that since moving down to south Wales in August, I’ve had to replace (or get a lovely, kind, generous friend to mend) the following:

  • wellie boots x 2
  • waterproof trousers x 2
  • leather boots
  • jeans x 2
  • trousers
  • t-shirt
  • socks (too many pairs to count)
  • sweat shirt
  • coat pockets (I have various items rattling about the lining, from a tape measure to spare socks to string)
  • numerous pairs of gloves

That’s quite a list for just eight months.


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