Words simply are not enough…

… to describe how I’m feeling at the moment.

On Thursday, I left the farm and drove back to the house, leaving the dogs with an assortment of chews to entertain themselves while B and I walked into Cardiff, where we met up with Jennie and her boys for a few hours of meandering round the shops, drinking coffee, eating cake and generally enjoying ourselves.

I upgraded my phone, got a better contract, bought a book on vegetable gardening with a book token I was given at Christmas, bought B’s borthday present, and treated myself to some new games and some accessories for my Nintendo DS. All in all, it was a lovely day and I was mentally writing a blog post on the subject when B and I arrived back at the house.

Only to discover that someone had driven into the back of my car!

Apparently some idiot was speeding down the street and overtook a van. He claims that some kids ran out in front of him so he braked and swerved, crashing into one car that was parked behind mine. I assume he then span round and careered into the back of mine.

It’s a 4×4 so is higher than your average car and I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean when I say the back door has been pushed in (my insurance company struggled to grasp what I meant and kept talking about the “boot” – but more on them later) and the window exploded everywhere. The vehicle also moved forward about a car’s length, maybe more, which is quite amazing considering how damn good that handbrake is.

The police were called, statements were taken, and everything was cleared up by the time we got home.

What a lovely surprise that was!

I’ll have to do another post about my insurance company and how utterly useless they are as I don’t want to think about such things at this hour of the morning.

Let’s just say that come renewal day, I’m switching, even if I have to pay more elsewhere.

As for the car, it looked quite positive as there didn’t seem to be much damage, but the garage rang me last night to say that the floor has also been damage and is buckled and the estimate for repairs is three thousand pounds…!

So, I may or may not get the car back, depending on whether the insurance company decide that the cost of repairing the vehicle is less than they’ll have to pay me if it’s written off.

I know I shouldn’t, but I keep mulling over the What Ifs.

What If … I’d looked up at the blue sky on Thursday morning and rung B and Jennie to cancel, opting to enjoy the sunny country outdoors instead?

What If … I’d parked somewhere else? A taxi was parked outside my front door. I’d I’d parked in front of him instead of behind the other car, mine would have been fine.

What If … What If … What If …

It really doesn’t help.

I’ve got the driver’s phone number. Boy, am I having to resist ringing him up with every moral fibre in my being.


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  1. Poor you. Somehow dealing with the paperwork after an accident is worse than the accident itself. But you are all alright. No one was in the car when it happened. Try not to get too stressed, today it’s supposed to be sunny.

    Take care


  2. Posted by Granny Anne on 18 April 2009 at 11:47 am

    Sorry to hear about the accident Jo. It makes you feel so frustrated doesn’t it? Bad enough when it was your fault but doubly so when you were nowhere near it.
    Keep cheerful and give Fergie a hug!

  3. Thanks, Margaret and Granny Anne. It was indeed sunny and I spent a lot of time giving out lots of piggie and doggy hugs. And trying out the new camera on my phone. Only 60-odd photos…!

    Gonna enjoy the weekend and will return to the battle (ie dealing with the insurance company) on Monday.

  4. Oh dear….

    I am sorry about your 4 x 4, I guess its a blow because you need it to see to the animals? apart from any other comsiderations..

    Still, at least no one was hurt…( she says, trying to look on the bright side…)

    S x

  5. It’s a pain not having it for picking up things like straw, which I need as the pigs’ beds are past it. But they can live with their beds for a bit longer and – at least I don’t need to use the trailer: I would be well and truly stuffed in that case!

  6. Posted by suzy2110 on 21 April 2009 at 2:09 pm

    That’s wretched, Jo! I am so sorry- there is nothing more frustrating!!

  7. Thanks, Suzy. I’ve done my bit, now I’m just waiting. And waiting. And waiting…!

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