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Testing out my new phone

On Thursday, I upgraded my phone and consequently left Nokia for the first time in about six years. Instead, I got a Sony Ericsson C905 which has an incredible camera: 8.1 megapixels, the option to take panoramic photos, “best shot” (where it takes 7 photos in a very fast burst and you get to pick the best ones), and a whole other host of features that make it seem like a camera that also allows you to text and talk, rather than the other way round! In fact, as I said to B and Jennie when I chose it, it’s better than my proper camera which someone stole a few years ago. The only thing that’s missing is a video camera, which I didn’t think to ask about at the time, but I can live with that!

Oh, and the best thing? It was a free upgrade!

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been taking plenty of photos as I try the phone out so you’ll have to bear with me as I blog some of the results!

Snipe - 18 April 2009

Snipe chilling out in the pig ark

Curly and Pinky - 18 April 2009

Curly and Pinky asleep in the ark. Please note that Curly is actually in my lap!

Perky - 18 April 2009

Perky sleeps as the sun shines onto the straw

Fergie - 18 April 2009

Fergie tucks into her tea

I did take a panoramic shot of the farm, which involves taking three photos and the phone puts them together to make one extra wide shot, but I failed to line everything up. I’ll try again and blog the results when I get it right. As Jennie said, if (when!) I get the right shot, it’ll make a perfect header for the blog! (Talking of which, I’ve changed it again to a photo I took this time last year: Tia and the weaners’ papa, Bob, in one of Mum’s fields with the chickens. They were 100% free-range, which is why we lost three-quarters of them to the fox. This is why I now keep them behind the electric netting. They’re hardly “free” inside a hungry fox’s belly!!)