Moving the pigs

Well, yesterday was gorgeous, wasn’t it? We had wonderfully hot sunshine that was complemented with a delightfully cool breeze, perfect weather for taking the dogs to the beach and enjoying an ice cream.

So instead, Jennie and I decided to move not one, but two pig arks, which means two lots of straw, four rubber mats (their floor), two sets of electric netting, two water bowls and six pigs!

I’ve blogged before how I move the arks so I won’t bore you with the details, except to say a big THANK YOU to Jennie for helping me move everything, especially as it seems she might be allergic to something at the farm! Oh dear, hope it’s not Fergie! (Seriously, I think it’s the dust in the straw.)

Scrumpy - 19 April 2009

Scrumpy tucks in to some tasty brambles

Fergie - 19 April 2009

Fergie says nom, nom, nom!

Brini and Perky - 19 April 2009

Brini approves of the new ground while Perky takes a break from it all, having emptied the water bowl to make a wallow!

Midge - 19 April 2009

Midge thinks she's on to something exciting. All she found was dirt, mud and earth...

Pinky and Curly - 19 April 2009

Pinky and Curly settle into their new enclosure at the end of the day, not knowing whether to eat the undergrowth or the bread!

Now all I’ve got to do is move Tia and Bailey onto some fresh ground…!


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  1. You can come and move my 10ft long, insulated arc next!

    I manage to move it on my own (carried on my shoulders) so didn’t think it was too heavy until I was sick a couple of years back. Various helpers came over to help out and it took four of them to move it. I told them they should eat more oatmeal—they just muttered and gave me dark looks.

    Oh, and Scrumpy is a great name for a pig. I like scrumpy with mine!

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen the photos of you moving the ark. I drag. Inch by inch. Across a mostly flat field. So I think I’m busy that day. Unless it involves some fun with your new Land Rover?! 😛

    Of all the pigs, Scrumpy is the best named, though she’s rarely called just that. It’s Scrumptious when she’s good, Truly Scrumptious when she’s very good (not often!), Scrumpy-Dumpy when she’s being fat and lazy (most days), and threats about Scrumpy a la Scrumpy abound when she’s being stubborn.

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