Happy Birthday, Midge!

Today is Midge the Jack Russell’s second birthday!

Snipe and Midge - 17 July 2007

Snipe, aged 8 weeks, and Midge, aged 10 weeks

Midge - 4 August 2007

Midge at 3 months tucking into her new favourite food!

Horatio and Midge - 14 October 2007

Midge, aged 5 months, meets Horatio the cat, 2 months

Midge - 7 June 2008

Midge, aged 13 months

Midge - 29 April 2009

Midge, just before her 2nd birthday

How time flies!

Happy birthday, Midge!


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  1. And I hope Midge got some tasty treat for his birthday.


  2. Not yesterday as I didn’t have any eggs but they’ll both get an egg each in their breakfast as a belated treat, and I’ll give Midge real milk instead of the powdered stuff they usually get (I got a load for free and I’m slowly but surely using it al up!)

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