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Poor Curly!

When I arrived at the farm the other morning, I found Curly asleep in a scrape outside his enclosure, as close to the electric fence as he dared get, directly opposite the ark where Pinky was asleep, no doubt wondering where on earth her pen mate had gone.

I have absolutely no idea how he got out, but I’m grateful he didn’t try to go anywhere!

Bless him, he was so pleased to see me, though I had a bit of a hard job trying to get him back into the pen as he’d obviously been zapped several times by the fence in his attempts to get back in and wasn’t taking any chances.

Still, I managed it in the end and a joyful Pinky was reunited with her pen mate.

Once she’d said her hellos, she got on with the important business of being a pig, but the poor boy was in shock and spent most of the day in a depressed slump.

Curly - 29 April 2009

Curly - 29 April 2009

He was on form the following day but he was so miserable!