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Hasta Luego, John and Dolly

I’m down two more chickens, but panic not, this time it’s a good thing!

I’ve finally found a new home for John Wayne and Dolly Parton, the pair of Pekin Bantams. I’ve been looking for someone to take them for ages as I only want to keep one bantam cockerel and in a choice between John and Captain Flint, the lavender Pekin who thinks he’s a parrot, sadly there’s no choice. John is very handsome but while he’s not aggressive, he’s not exactly friendly either. And while I’d love to keep Dolly, as she’s a great layer when she’s not broody, her and John are inseparable. If one goes, so must the other.

Dolly Parton and John Wayne - 4 January 2009

Dolly Parton and John Wayne - 4 January 2009

Dolly’s been broody for about five or six weeks now, which has been incredibly frustrating as (a) the broody ark’s occupied with Mama Silikie and her chicks and (b) I don’t want any more Pekin / Silkie chicks but don’t have a regular cockerel for the layers! So when I saw an ad for a broody hen, I got in touch and offered Dolly, but with the proviso that John goes with her.

Luckily the couple who took them understood immediately when I described how affectionate the pair are to one another and how John tends to Dolly’s every need and readily agreed to take them both.

Thanks, John and Dolly. You’ve both been great and I’m glad I’ve got at least one daughter from you both (“Molly”, who has started laying!).