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Brambles, basking and bikes!

I spent yesterday clearing some brambles in the enclosure that’s playing host to Fergie, Perky, Scrumpy and Brini. The two adults are in heat so were in a mood with me (no, I don’t know why either) and kept vanishing off to sulk and/or squabble, but Fergie and Perky followed me faithfully, pouncing on each bramble stalk as it miraculously fell from the heavens.

Fergie - 3 May 2009


Perky - 3 May 2009


Pinky and Curly spent the day in the nettles (Curly’s been making a tunnel. I don’t know where it leads.) but as tea time drew ever closer, they took up position so they wouldn’t miss out.

Pinky and Curly - 3 May 2009

Pinky and Curly

B, meanwhile, spent the afternoon repairing an old bike she’s been given and once I’d sawn off the too-long seat shaft thing (you know, the one the saddle’s attached to), she was able to take it for a test ride and I was able to test out my photography skills when it comes to action shots.

Becci tries out her bike - 3 May 2009

Becci tries out her bike

The bike worked great and just needs a few more bits doing to it.

I’m a rubbish photographer.