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600 eggs!

Wow, as of New Year’s Day, my hens have laid 600 eggs!

That’s not bad and I’d like to thank them for each and every one, especially the ones that made my omelette the other night. It was the first time I’d managed to make one without it turning into scrambled eggs, which made it doubly tasty. (Thanks, Delia!)

Peggy Sue, the Pekin x Silkie who hatched in November, is yet to even think about laying, but her “sister”, Molly the pure Pekin bantam, has been laying for a couple of weeks now – they are very weeny eggs, but perfectly formed nonetheless. It’s good to know that I’ve got a pure Pekin daughter of John and Dolly, in addition to Peggy Sue, and it looks as though one of the other pure Pekin chicks from the April lot is also female. Fingers crossed!