Freedom for the chicks!

I opened the door of the broody ark yesterday afternoon and let Mama Silkie and her chicks venture out into the Pekin / Silkie chicken run.

Chicks - 10 May 2009

All that grass and they make straight for the bare earth!

The chicks were slightly overwhelmed and kept hiding in the long grass and Mama didn’t help matters by constantly abandoning her charges as she made up for nine weeks’ confinement, but they certainly enjoyed themselves and were furious when I shut them up again a few hours later. I didn’t mean to shut them up, but they all went back in and I thought it was an excellent opportunity to remind them where they live!

Chicks - 10 May 2009

I really hope the two Pekins on the left are female. Time will tell. Bet they're male!

Other than some initial curiosity, the other chickens were absolutely fine with their new companions, which was a relief. Mind you, the broody ark is in the run and they like to spend their days sunning themselves next to it, so the chicks aren’t exactly strangers to them.

And I’m glad I’ve been handling them every day as they are quite friendly and whilst they’re not exactly thrilled when they’re picked up, they don’t object (too much). The November lot are the complete opposite. Wild comes to mind… Oops, my bad!

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