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Poor Snipe was the victim of a random attack yesterday when a dog pounced on her and came very close to completely puncturing her ear, if not ripping it altogether!

We were at the RWAS Smallholder & Garden Festival in Builth Wells and took the dogs with us as we knew we’d be out for 14/15 hours – far too long to lave the dogs alone in the kitchen!

They were far too excited when we arrived but once they calmed down and got used to the crowds, smells and other dogs, they behaved extremely well, apart from Midge’s determination to be top dog and “protect” us all from other dogs (whilst adopting their owners!). As the day progressed, even she relaxed and was just starting to accept that (a) we weren’t at threat from other dogs and, more importantly, (b) she wasn’t top dog anyway, when the worst happened. A sheepdog-cross launched an attack on her, clamping his jaws around her ear and dragging her about 6 feet before letting go!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, after a cursory “is your dog ok?”, the owners vanished into the crowds!

I always carry an antiseptic spray on me so was able to clean her up without too much trouble, especially as Snipe was in shock and for once didn’t protest as I mopped up the blood and sprayed her ear.

I cleaned it again when we got home and was relieved to discover that my initial fears that her ear was completely punctured were unfounded, and the skin has merely been grazed and torn, but only skin deep. Mind you, Snipe is the world’s greatest wimp and rolled onto her back, legs trembling, big brown eyes wide open, shaking as I gently cleaned the dried blood off with cold water and then applied more antiseptic! From the way she was acting, you’d think I was giving her stitches! She did the same this morning, and I’m pleased to report that it’s starting to heal already and (fingers crossed) there’s no sign of infection.

One thing I am extremely grateful for is that B had Midge when the attack happened and that I didn’t have them both, as I had done earlier in the day. I was obviously focused on Snipe, not Midge, but B said that our little terrier tried to throw herself at Snipe’s attacker, and probably would have tried to rip his throat out, but for the fact that not only did B have a strong grip on the lead, she also grabbed hold of her harness and more or less pinned her to the ground until it was all over.

So, the obvious consequence was that Snipe was terrified of other dogs, and Midge was convinced that they all other strange dogs were going to launch a repeat attack on her friend and so got in pre-emptive attacks. Lots of them. Luckily, they were restricted to barking furiously but it took a lot of work to inject some courage into the one whilst calming down the other. Walking them around worked best, and by the time we left, Snipe’s confidence was slowly returning and I successfully usurped Midge’s assumed role as The Boss. It will take a lot more work to get back to where we were, but I think we’ll get there.

In the mean time, Snipe’s trying to milk things for all they’re worth and doesn’t seem to understand why she didn’t get steak and sausages for breakfast!!