Oh no, not another cockerel who thinks he’s a parrot!

Xander, the newbie Buff Orpington cockerel, is settling in well, though the hens are still furious at him for reasons he doesn’t understand and they are bullying him mercilessly. Course, he’s only a baby, so he’s torn between the desire to socialise with the other chicks and the fear that he’ll be told off for simply breathing the same air as his companions. Boy, am I glad I put him with the Pekins and Silkies, not the Buffs and Light Sussex hens! At least he’s the same size as the little ‘uns!

Xander - 19 May 2009

Xander is a bit of a poser!

One positive outcome of his rough treatment is that he’s decided I am his saviour, the kind two-legs-no-feathers who picks him up and gives his a few minutes of respite. As a result, he doesn’t just come running when he sees me approaching, he moves with the speed of light. Whereas the others hang around long enough to see if I have anything for them and vanish the instant it becomes apparent that there’s nothing forthcoming, but he follows me about like a shadow, genuinely pleased to see me for my own sake, not that of his stomach!

Jo and Xander - 19 May 2009

It's funny and sweet when Flint does this. I'm not sure I like the idea of Xander doing the same thing when he's fully grown!!

As for the eggs that Willow’s sitting on, there are now only ten eggs, not the dozen she started out with. For some reason, she let two get cold, so that’s the last time I put a dozen eggs under a broody hen, even a Buff Orpington. Typically, both eggs were by the pure Marans, so I’ve only got four chances to get some now! Ah well, t’is the way it goes. Even if they were in an incubator, there’s no guarantee that everything would work properly. I’ll give them to the dogs, which will make them the most expensive breakfast eggs they’ve ever tasted!!

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  1. Xander is a very handsome boy. The picture of him on your shoulder is too cute.

  2. Thanks, Gardengurl09. He left a nice scratch on the back of my neck the other day so he is officially banned. And boy, does that boy know how to sulk!

    Thanks for dropping by, I’m looking forward to reading your blog once you’re up and running (again)

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