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The fifty quid dog bite!

I’m telling you, if I could lay my hands on the couple whose dog bit Snipe on Sunday, there would be quite a scene.

Despite keeping my fingers crossed that the bite wouldn’t get infected, my efforts to keep it clean were no good (as you’d expect, really) and I took her to the vet’s yesterday afternoon.

First, the vet clipped the hair around the bites. Vetnurse, be grateful you’re not working at my local vet’s as you would not have enjoyed yourself! You would have thought we were trying to skin her alive or something, from the fuss my wimpy dog made. It didn’t matter what we did, she kept twisting and turning, crying the whole time. In the end, we got her in the corner and basically sat on her. Even then, she struggled so much that the vet caught her with the clippers, causing her ear to bleed worse than it did when she was bitten! Funnily enough, as soon as she’d been nicked, she settled down and the vet was able to continue without any more problems.

Snipe - 21 May 2009

The battle to clean Snipe's ear never starts well

Of course, once the vet said that she’d need not one but two injections, we shared a look of horror. Two injections? For a dog who not only didn’t want her ear clipped, but kicked up a fuss when we tried to weigh her!

With a look of grim determination, the vet took hold of the scruff of Snipe’s neck and quickly pushed the needle in ……. Snipe barely blinked. In with the second needle ……. nothing!

Unbelievable, but a massive relief!

Snipe's ear - 21 May 2009

The top of Snipe's ear

I’ve got to give her two tablets twice daily, which was a real thrill for my numpty Labrador this morning. I always give her a cod liver oil tablet, which she demolishes, so I thought I’d try her out on one of the tablets. She spat it out but then ate it off the floor. And the second one. Two down, eighteen to go. Hope they’re all that easy!

Snipe's ear - 21 May 2009

The bottom of Snipe's ear

But I couldn’t believe the bill. Fifty quid! Ok, I also bought worming tablets for both dogs (three tablets for Snipe at 26kg, three-quarters of one for Midge at just 6kg!!!) and the cats (not Queenie, she needs Spot-On as well like having all our limbs still attached and in full working order), but even so…

If I ever get hold of that bloody couple, the best they can expect is to be dangled upside down until I’ve shaken the loose change out of their pockets. Let’s not dwell on the worst…