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I’ve been adding plenty of new blogs to Google Reader so thought I’d better get round to adding them to my blogroll as well!

It’s early and I’m very sleepy, so please forgive the lack of personal introduction to these blogs. Trust me, they’re good. Read, and enjoy 🙂

Colour it Green: Here I can witter away about this part of our lives; growing veg, keeping livestock, making things and crafts and home education

Locks Park Farm: Stories from a small organic farm in Devon

The Smallest Smallholding: This … blog follows the trials and tribulations of a would-be Smallholder. Join me, Lucy, as I journey through my 20s in search of the Good Life.

A Self Sufficient Life: Self Sufficiency & Frugal Living Tips

Doggonedmysteries: I’m M. W. Hauser. I write murder mysteries and my agent would murder me if I didn’t mention that I do have an agent.

Uphilldowndale: Watching nature take its course, from the top of a hill in northern England

3 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll!

  2. Thanks Jo! Lovely, lovely sun herre today. No need for waterproof trousers, though still need wellies :-((

  3. No probs! I read far too many blogs, as you can see from the list! (This is the real reason I get up at 6, the dogs would be just as happy if they were fed later!)

    And yes, Paula, the weather has been glorious. Hot hot hot. But a lovely cool breeze so I only had to do three extra trips with the bucket to refill the pigs’ water buckets. Some hot days, I’ve been known to make an extra five or six 😯

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