I have been tagged by Andrew in this simple meme: to list seven things I love. Like Andrew, I’m going to skip the predictable mentions of friends and family, though I do love you all!

In no particular order:

  1. Sunsets and sunrise. The ones where it looks as though someone has thrown together every bright colour in a pattern that shouldn’t work, but oh, how it does.
  2. Kindness from strangers. When people you don’t know go out of their way to make your life that little bit better, even for just a moment, for no reward, simply because they have the power to do so.
  3. Speeches, whether in real life or in a film/play/on TV, that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, even as you find yourself wanting to (or actually) rise to your feet, your hands beating together in a tempo that matches the rhythm and tempo of the speaker’s magical words. For that moment, you would walk to war. In the wrong hands, this power is amongst the most dangerous weapons known to humanity. In the right hands, well… a slice of heaven.
  4. Nature at work. From the highest mountain ranges to the deepest gorges, the idea that nature is still constructing some of the most spectacular and terrifying sights on earth, even as we sleep, is wonderful. Nature is the best architect we have ever known and we should spend more time getting to know her work and less time destroying it.
  5. A book, film or TV show that completely captures you. From the moment you start reading or watching, life outside those pages or pixels is non-existent. Having laughed or cried (or both), your heart stopping through fear that the worst would happen to these people whose emotions you are experiencing with them, and racing when the best happens, you re-emerge, blinking, confused.
  6. Being in the water on a hot day. By this, I do of course mean the sea or a pool, not the bath! The feeling of the sun’s heat on your shoulders while your body is submerged in the most delicious, soothing coolness is unbeatable, especially if you are surrounded by a spectacular landscape.
  7. Good food, good company, good laughs. I don’t think I need to expand on this one, do I?

I tag… Jennie, Welshpurpletree, and The Garden Smallholder. And anyone else who fancies a go!

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