Bank holiday sunshine

Ok, so maybe the sun didn’t shine yesterday, but boy, was it hot on Sunday!

Brini and Scrumpy - 24 May 2009

Brini and Scrumpy enjoy their fresh grass. I moved the pair (and Fergie and Perky!) onto new ground on Sunday afternoon.

Pinky - 24 May 2009

Pinky made the most of her wallow

Potato patch - 25 May 2009

The potato patch is coming along well. Not sure when I should start earthing up though

Molly's eggs - 25 May 2009

Molly the Pekin bantam has started laying her eggs in the grass outside. Thing is, she's laying in the grass in the big chickens' run, not her own!

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  1. Your pigs are so adorable! 😀

  2. Posted by suzy2110 on 26 May 2009 at 11:41 am

    It looks so idyllic! It must make all the weeks of rain and hard work worth it!

  3. Look how straight those rows of potatoes are! OK, you’ve got me, I’ll have to come up this week now!

  4. I earth mine up at about that size, then mulch the with grass cuttings. Then I keep my fingers crosed that blight won’t get them too early in the season!!

  5. Living Dead Girl, thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks fascinating, I’ll make time for a proper read later on 🙂

    Suzy, the field is amazing: when it rains, the whole place feels like one big wallow but if there’s a couple of days of sunshine, it dries out and everything comes to life. It’s only May and in some parts, the grass is up to my waist! I keep losing Midge and have to watch for an occasional flash of white to know she’s still with us!

    Jennie, hurrah! Besides, won’t the seedlings needs planting out sometime soon?

    Rosie, thanks for that. I decided to to earth them up yesterday, good to know I did the right thing! And it’s not just my fingers that are crossed, you should see me trying to walk about with crossed toes!

  6. I’ve got two rows of spuds left to earth up – but today was “recover from the party” day and besides vital animal/children tasks and tidying up I did NOTHING. What a rare priviledge 🙂

  7. You couldn’t have picked a better day for it!

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