Archive for June 2nd, 2009

No photos!

For reasons I don’t understand, Firefox keeps crashing whenever I try to upload a photo to WordPress. This is particularly annoying as, like most bloggers, I’ve been taking loads of photos so that I can prove to the rest of the world that the sun really did shine! And, of course, posting photos means I don’t have to engage my sun-baked brain in the business of writing a coherent, witty and interesting post. (You at the back, I know what you’re thinking. Ha bloomin ha!!)

But, alas, with no means to upload said photos, I’ll just have to make my excuses until another time. It’s hot, you see, and the sun is shining and I really, really want to get back outside to enjoy it while it lasts. Well, be in it, anyway. The pigs are knocking over their water bowls left, right and centre, as they desperately try to cool themselves down, the dogs seem to need lots of trips down to the river to escape from the heat (even Midge is getting her tootsies wet!), and that garden won’t take care of itself…