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For reasons I don’t understand, Firefox keeps crashing whenever I try to upload a photo to WordPress. This is particularly annoying as, like most bloggers, I’ve been taking loads of photos so that I can prove to the rest of the world that the sun really did shine! And, of course, posting photos means I don’t have to engage my sun-baked brain in the business of writing a coherent, witty and interesting post. (You at the back, I know what you’re thinking. Ha bloomin ha!!)

But, alas, with no means to upload said photos, I’ll just have to make my excuses until another time. It’s hot, you see, and the sun is shining and I really, really want to get back outside to enjoy it while it lasts. Well, be in it, anyway. The pigs are knocking over their water bowls left, right and centre, as they desperately try to cool themselves down, the dogs seem to need lots of trips down to the river to escape from the heat (even Midge is getting her tootsies wet!), and that garden won’t take care of itself…

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  1. Just out of interest have you tried to do it via internet explorer? Sometimes if l have a bug in one browser l use the other and look for firefox updates.

  2. Posted by welshpurpletree on 2 June 2009 at 6:58 pm

    I’ve not been able to upload pics onto Facebook for a couple of days. Seems to lock up the whole of Firefox.

  3. @Vetnurse Shudder! Perish the thought! Think I might have to, though.

    @WPT Glad it’s not just me. I’ve started a thread on the FF support forum but I haven’t had a single response yet.

  4. Photoblogging will resume: problem solved! It seems that the Google Gears add on was the problem. That’s now been switched off and it all seems to be working again. Hurrah!

  5. Firefox does seem to be having a moment – I spotted another blogger having issues with picture uploading

  6. I’ve resorted to putting them on flickr and then pasting the html in from there. Anything’s better than IE…

  7. I’m assuming that you were referring to me when you said “you at the back…”. Yup, guilty as charged, the thought did enter my head! xx Loves ya hun!

  8. l know l did 6 hail Marys and crossed myself, hung garlic around the room and wrote out 500xs “sorry l muttered the ie word”. I really do dislike that browser but it has had useful moments to check things.

    I am a firefox lover expecially the addons.

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