Making hay while the sun shines!

Yesterday’s predicted rain never arrived so at lunch time I decided to tempt the weather gods and watered the vegetable garden, cursing the slugs who have attacked my courgette plants. Amazingly, this did not instigate a downpour and so I spent the afternoon cutting the long grass in the orchard. Thing is, I cut it by hand using some loppers, so that I can leave it to dry and become hay which I can then use as bedding for the hens’ nest boxes and in the pig arks.

The orchard - 10 June 2009

I took a much needed break to take this photo of what I had done and what was left to do!

Midge in the grass - 10 June 2009

A close up, using Midge to show you just how long the grass is!

Snipe - 10 June 2009

This was as close as Snipe could get to me when I was behind the electric netting in the chicken run!

Finally, take a look at this:

Pea plant in the field - 10 June 2009

Pea plant in the field - 10 June 2009

A while ago, I idly pushed some peas that the pigs hadn’t eaten into the dirt that they’d turned up in the field. Look again, can you see the pea pod?! I’ve managed to loose the feral garlic (the undergrowth grew up around it and I’ve no idea where it is!) and the feral broad beans are growing but haven’t flowered yet, but this looks as though it might actually do something! And the amazing thing is that I haven’t looked after it at all. It’s survived on rain water, so got no water during the week and a half of blazing sunshine, and I only propped it up with a stick last week. Nature rules! I just hope my domesticated peas make it. The slugs really are on a mission 😦

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  1. We’ve had so much rain my yard is swampy. I’d be glad to send some your way. It is raining again today and the weeds are running amuck in the gardens.

  2. You know, I’m good, thanks! No more rain required. Besides, having predicted rain for four days on the trot, they were 100% wrong each time. They say it’ll be sunny this weekend, so I’m digging out my waterproofs!

  3. Posted by thegardensmallholder on 14 June 2009 at 9:58 am

    Errrr dont envy you cutting that lot by hand! Slugs have not been the problem for our courgettes….it was the heavy rain that knocked all the flower heads off. Grrrr

    That pea plant looks good though 🙂

  4. Lol, the hay’s coming along nicely, starting to get that sweet hay smell. I moved it yesterday and was amazed by how much there is. I’ve got one of those huge builder’s rubble sacks and it nearly filled one of those.

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