A hot day for moving the pigs!

If I had known quite how hot it was going to be yesterday, I probably wouldn’t have moved Perky, Fergie, Brini and Scrumpy – and not just the pigs, but their ark as well!

Their old patch was looking bare and forlorn so moving them onto fresh ground seemed like a great plan, not just for their nutritional requirements, but also because they’re pretty smart and know that the grass really is greener on the other side of their fence!

They’re used to the routine of being moved and happily followed their feed bowls to the new patch, though Scrumpy did try it on and ate her breakfast faster than normal and tried to make a bid for freedom while I was still putting up the electric netting around them. She got her timing all wrong, though, and sped off just as I was walking past her! She kept going, but it was more of a point of principle than anything else, as she let me push her back to the others without any problems.

Fergie, on the other hand, was a little rotter and did her best to do a runner! I feed her on the wrong side of the fence as she eats so slowly that the others would steal her food and she’s hardly in a position to stand up for herself, being so small and, well, on the slow side. Once she’d finished, she waited until B’s attention was elsewhere and ran off, her little legs going nineteen to the dozen. Still busy with the electric netting, all I could hear was B calling her little pig all sorts of names, and then saw a little pink pig emerge from behind the trees, her very cross owner in hot pursuit. Luckily, not being the sharpest pig in the world, Fergie slowed down when she reached the long grass, not sure which way to go. B was able to take advantage of this hesitation and turned her towards me. Fergie picked up speed as she ran in my direction, but I’m used to her little games and as she ran along the wrong side of the electric net, I was able to put it down on the ground and get her to go over the top. Safely back where she should be, B and I left her to it. She kept going for a few seconds before realising that the fence was now on her left, not her right… I don’t know what she said, but some passing birds looked very shocked!

Not only do they have plenty of fresh grazing to keep them going for several weeks, they’ve also got brand new bedding, as I used all the hay I’ve made in the last week to replace their old straw. They were as thrilled with the new bed as they were with the new grass and despite the heat, ventured into the ark to make themselves at home. I’m glad they showed so much appreciation as not only was it hard work, cutting all that grass to make hay, shifting the ark was hell in that heat, especially as I needed to wear gloves to protect my hands.

Perky, Fergie, Scrumpy and Brini - 14 June 2009

Perky, Fergie, Scrumpy and Brini enjoy their new patch

Always worth it though.

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