Happy birthday, Jennie!

My best friend and fellow blogger, Jennie, today celebrates her 30th birthday, though she is insisting that she’s really 22 and 96 months, to satisfy those of us who know what her passport, driving licence and birth certificate say!

Jennie - 29 September 2008

I'm not quite sure that's what the Eglu chicken feeders are for...!

Hon, you’re now 30. I know you’re not exactly thrilled with this and are insisting that you’re no older than you were a decade ago, but you’re missing the point. None of us feel older than we did when we were at school / university / in the first flush of youth. Just because our bodies are getting older doesn’t mean that our minds or souls are ageing at the same rate. I know I’ve changed since we were at school (for the better, I hope!) and you have too. I won’t go into the whys and hows, but I see you with your husband now and I remember when you two first got together, and the contrast is striking. I see you with your wonderful children and I know that you’ve become this amazing person, that the years have added, not detracted, to who you are.

Jennie at Ogmore - 7 January 2009

A cold day at the beach!

Accept your age, go with the years and look forward to what comes next. You are who you are, no matter what your birth certificate might say, and the only way you’ll lose yourself is if you worry about what it says.

Jennie, Midge and Snipe - 21 March 2009

Taking a break in the sun

Happy birthday xx

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  1. Bless you, you daft sod! I\’m getting nearer to acceptance; I\’m up to twenty ten now! GG\’s much worse off – Handsome told his best friend (jokingly, he has a wicked sense of humour!) that GG has already got his letter from the Queen! ROFL!

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