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End World Hunger on my blog!

Scroll down my sidebar and you’ll see a widget for SocialVibe who have teamed up with WordPress to enable WP bloggers to earn money for charity:

Each time someone visits your blog and engages with your brand (by rating a video, for example), you’re making a difference. That impact is immediately visible on your badge, i..e., ‘My blog has provided 63 cups of clean water for people in need.’

The money donated comes from your brand, so you and your readers never have to pay a dime. In addition to earning donations, you’ll also get feedback from your charity about the difference they’re making thanks to you. By clicking the charity logo in the badge, you can find information about your cause and view real-time goal progress.

(From the WP blog)

My charity of choice (i.e. from the list) is the United Nations World Food Programme, specifically Fill the Cup. It’s all sponsored by Showtime, a American TV station. Take a look, click the link and watch the preview of their shows so that they’ll donate to WFP.

Then, when you’ve done that, scroll down a little further and have a go at the Free Rice game: every time you get a correct answer, ten grains of rice will be donated to end hunger across the world.

Thank you!