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Bad, bad, BAD pigs!

Tia may well be one of my favourite pigs, but she’s currently very close to booking herself a one-way ticket to the abattoir.

Well, that’s what I was muttering to myself last night, anyway.


Because the little madam (accompanied by Bailey but I know who the ring leader was) decided to break out of her pen while I was at work yesterday and get into the shipping container I use as a feed shed, and to store the straw and gardening equipment.

Between them, they ate their way through the three buckets of the fruit and veg I’d cut up that morning for their “pudding”, plus an additional six boxes of fruit and veg that I didn’t have the time to sort through.

Which explains the rather large (think elephantine) piles of pig poo that I spotted nearby!

But they didn’t just politely eat and then leave.


They trashed the place!

I spent an hour last night tidying up after them – a wonderful combination of squashed fruit and veg, the juices from the fruit mud and rain water.

And all that to clean up at eight o’clock on a miserable, wet and gloomy Monday evening, after a day at work, running on empty after a very bad night’s sleep.

When I arrived the pair were sound asleep in the empty pig ark near the shipping container and I confess I bit my tongue, waded through the carnage to get their pig nuts, walked them back to their pen (serenaded by six other pigs who didn’t understand why the order I feed them in had been changed), fed them, put the fence back up, got an energiser and battery (my bad, I should have switched the fence on that morning!), cut back the undergrowth by the fence (that was meant to be today’s job, hence the switched off fence), checked to make sure they had water and were ok, switched the fence on and then abandoned them. Did they get pudding? Hell, no!

The only good thing is that they failed to get into the pig nuts or the chicken feed.

Pigs! Sausages, the lot of them!!!!!!!