Looking for a good web host!

I’m getting really frustrated with the limitations of wordpress.com, specifically the fact that I can’t tinker with the look and layout of the themes.

I’ve stuck with them as, 99% of the time, they offer a great blogging tool, not to mention the fact that it’s free, but, of late, the theme problem has really been getting to me.

In short, I really need to get serious about finding a cheap but reliable web host, not to mention a suitable domain.

The following hosts have been recommended to me:

Does anyone have any other recommendations? Ideally, I’d like a UK company, but for a really good host, I’d be happy to ship my cash overseas.

Also, as I mentioned above, I also need a domain name. Most of the ones linked to “bring me sunshine” have been taken, so alternative suggestions are needed!

Get your thinking hats on!


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  1. Posted by lec44 on 17 August 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Bluehost have been great, 24hr livechat support which was useful the one time our laptop decided to viral backup everything each minute – 12 hours manually deleting stuff – not a good night! Not sure how they’d compare pricewise though.

    Godaddy good for cheap domain names – don’t forget to try .info names as mucho mucho cheaper than .com / .co.uk

    what about buying bringmesunshinehome.info for almost nada, then just calling the blog bring me sunshine – saves money and keeps your identity!

  2. I’ve been well treated by ANHosting – an American company and also used Streamline.net for some other projects without any bother.

    I wondered how long it would be before you felt the urge to tinker beyond the capabilities of wordpress.com 🙂

  3. Cheers guys, I’ll check those out on the next rainy day. Which I’m sure won’t be long!

    And yes, Skuds, the lure of tinkering has been taunting me for weeks, months … in fact, the whole time I’ve been blogging again. It’s just the finances that are the issue, but now the need to play with style sheets has overridden that concern. Which is worrying, in itself, but I guess that’s the way it goes!

  4. Posted by Jan on 20 August 2009 at 7:22 am

    Hi, Just been reading your posts about tinkering… you sound almost, but not quite, as bad as me! Only I’m not spending any money, I just can’t resist changing themes, colours etc. I tried wordpress, but didn’t like how you have to do photos in the sidebars. It all seemed unecessarily complicated!

  5. I’ve moved to Squarespace, but am no techie. Still early days, but you can tweak quite a bit with it, and you can play for 30 days free.

    They also have a great ‘help’ forum and while I can’t speak from experience, WordPress blogs are supposed to import easily. Just thinking, did I already tell you this on Twitter? lol (Wazzat)

  6. I think you can pay for a CSS upgrade with WordPress and then be able to tinker with themes. I’ve no idea how much it might cost or how it works or whether it’s worth it, but it would save having to change addresses and find a new host.

  7. @Jan, thanks for stopping by! I used to be terrible when I had my own website. If I wasn’t changing the whole theme, then I’d change an element of it, or add a new plug in … or do something with the PHP or CSS. I used to have a blogger blog but I prefer the simplicity and neatness of WordPress, though the backend can be a nightmare until you get into the mindset! Of course, things have changed dramatically since I last used WP. It’ll be interesting to see what’s what now!

    @Kadeeae, I do like the look of Squarespace, and yes, you were the one who suggested it on Twitter! Good to hear you’re getting on with them, though – and that they’ve got a decent support system. My last hosts were quick to take your cash but customer service? Pah!

    @disgruntled, I did look at that, but you can only mess about with the CSS and can’t touch the PHP, which is how you would add a random header image, for example, or change the layout.

  8. Linkvine Hosting is an excellent hosting service.It has a datacenter in UK as well.

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