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For years now, I’ve been an avid listener of Radio 2, listing my favourite shows as Sarah Kennedy’s Dawn Patrol, Wake up to Wogan, and Chris Evans’ Drivetime, as well as Mo Dutta and Alex Lester at the weekend. I stopped listening to Jeremy Vine’s show a long, long time ago, simply because I can’t bear political talk shows.

However, a few months ago, I found that if I had the radio on while I was listening to Ken Bruce, the entire show could pass without me hearing a word. Then I stopped listening to Steve Wright, after a series of awful “interviews” that were cringe-worthy and embarrassing. Then they ditched Mo Dutta (or he left, not sure which) and replaced him with Zoe Ball. I tried, really I did, but I couldn’t take it, not so early in the morning! And then Alex Lester vanished, replaced by Emma Forbes, who also failed to grab my attention. When you bear in mind that I get up at 6am, a good radio show is as important as my first (and second!) cup of coffee.

To fill these gaps, I tried a multiple of different stations, from local stations like Real Radio, Red Dragon, and Radio Wales, to national stations such as Classic FM and Radio 3.

B got me a digital radio for my birthday in January, so I’ve also been experimenting with digital stations, and finally discovered The Arrow, which plays non-stop rock music. I’m currently listening to We Will Rock You and was serenaded a few Mondays mornings ago with Sweet Child O’ Mine – what a way to start the day!

The only downside to their non-stop playlist is that there’s no news, no traffic and no time checks. So I now spend my mornings rushing around at the last minute, though at least the beat of the music lends me extra haste!

At the farm, I don’t have a digital radio, so listen to Classic FM, despite their extremely annoying and constantly repeated adverts. I haven’t got a clue what I’m listening to, but it’s very soothing, and provides the perfect backdrop to the day, sun or rain.

What radio station(s) do you listen to?


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  1. Radio 4 all the way, although they don’t play much rock music…you certainly end up feeling extremely well informed. Classic FM makes me lose the will to live, if I want something musical on in the background I’d probably go with radio 3

  2. Planet Rock on DAB. But only in small doses because you do tend to hear the same tracks all the time. It does have news. Don’t hink it has traffoc though.

    Saturday mornings are quite good – the Rick Wakeman show plays rock but with terrible jokes interspersed.

  3. None of the above…maybe because I’m across the pond? 😉

  4. Posted by suzy2110 on 23 August 2009 at 4:57 pm

    I don’t listen to much radio except in the car, and then it tends to be Radio 1. I am so revoltingly mainstream these days, I nearly despise myself for it!!! 😀

  5. @disgruntled, I used to listen to R4 in the mornings and at night (I tried during the day, I really did!) but John Humphrys began to wear on my nerves!

    @Skuds, thanks for mentioning Planet Rock as I sometimes listen to them as well, though I find that their talking DJs talk too much!

    @doggonedmysteries, ah but what radio shows do you listen to across the pond?!

    @suzy, LOL! I haven’t listened to Radio 1 since Chris Evans presented the breakfast show. Can’t remember who replaced him but s/he was bloody awful. Can’t remember who I listened to after that, though I briefly listened to Evans again when I was at uni and he presented the breakfast show at Virgin. Then I discovered Radio 2, found I preferred the music and the rest is more or less history, apart from a few years when I was a Radio 4 listener, though only for the Today programme, PM, The World Tonight, and Book at Bedtime (always fell asleep, never found out how they ended!)

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  7. Radio 4 in the morning and Radio 2 in the afternoon – both thanks to the wonder that is the Internet

    Rosie x

  8. I used to enjoy radio2 but then they changed from the 50/60/70 music to modern stuff and that put me off. Now l am a radio 4 fan, apart from plays. I also have classic fm on.

  9. Posted by James on 13 October 2009 at 9:42 am

    Bring back Mo Dutta, I say!

    Zoe Ball is terrible! Horrible! Crap. Mo was always a welcome start to a great weekend. So good I even listened to his show again in the week on the iPlayer.

    I loved his Saturday and Sunday shows and would gladly tune in if he set up on another radio station somewhere.

  10. Posted by Ged on 14 October 2009 at 8:38 pm

    I totally agree with James. When is Radio 2 going to bring back Mo Dutta on a Saturday and Sunday morning. He was such a great start to the weekend.

  11. Hi James and Ged, I couldn’t agree more! I was hoping he’d be back for winter, once the allotment was finished for the year, but obviously not…

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