One year on…

Oh my, somehow I have managed to miss the first anniversary of my move to south Wales! Today’s the 25th, I moved the pigs down on the 23rd. Ooops!

Hasn’t time flown by?

Knowing the date was approaching, and considering how much blood, sweat (and tears) it’s taken to turn the field I rent from a paradise for the 3 Bs (bracken, brambles and balsam) into a paradise for the pigs, I wanted to write a post filled with photos comparing “then and now” but since I forgot the actual date, said photos have not been taken.

Still, my blog’s first birthday is also approaching, so I’ll do something similar then. Maybe.

One year? Wow!

Rainbow over the field - 2 September 2008

Rainbow over the field - 2 September 2008

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  1. I swore when l found Wibs l would write the date down as she was only about 2 weeks old so l would have a good idea of her age….that was about 15years ago.

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