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How things change in a year!

Today is my blog’s first birthday and the 12 months since I sat with Jennie in her sitting room setting up the blog seem to have flown by. So much so, that it’s only by looking back at the photos from the past year that I’m reminded of how much has happened and changed in the last year.

As you’d expect (I hope!), for me, those changes are best illustrated by the impact that the pigs and I have had on the field.

This is how it looked when I drove down to south Wales one rainy day last August to build the pig arks before moving the herd down:

Jo (and Snipe!) hard at work building a pig ark - 22 August 2008

Jo (and Snipe!) hard at work building a pig ark - 22 August 2008

Now, that part of the field looks like this:

The field - 27 August 2009

The field - 27 August 2009

I know I haven’t completely eradicated the Himalayam Balsam or the bracken, but we’re getting there!

I just can’t get over the difference a year makes. Well, one year and an immeasurable amount of hard work… It feels good 🙂

Candy floss clouds

I wish you had been with me at dusk yesterday to share the sight of the sky as the breeze blew the rain clouds away to the east, revealing the remnants of a blue sky, in which hung the half moon and the most wonderful arrangement of white, fluffy clouds. As the sun hastened eastwards with the rain, those balls of cotton wool turned into pink candy floss – you could almost hear the fair ground music.

Yes, I wish you had been with me to see that.

I also wish I hadn’t left my camera at home …