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Happy pigs, wet Jo!

I waited and waited, but the rain didn’t stop so I put on my second skin, erm, I mean waterproofs, and ventured out into the wet to move the pigs.

I know now why I’ve never moved the pigs in the rain before and won’t again (apart from exceptional circumstances).

It was miserable.

Still, the pigs are happy, and that’s the main thing.

Fergie, Brini, Perky and Scrumpy - 30 August 2009

Fergie, Brini, Perky and Scrumpy - 30 August 2009

Snipe wasn’t, though!

Snipe - 30 August 2009

Snipe - 30 August 2009

Bloomin rain!

Yet again, it’s raining. Which isn’t necessarily news, at least not for my British readers, as I suspect you’re all in the same position as me, having more or less lived in my waterproofs and wellies for the past two months. In fact, I haven’t needed to water the veggie garden since June!

In fact, it’s rained so much this “summer” that I’m used to it. But today, it’s just annoying. Until the Christmas season kicks off at work and we return to our 10pm closing time, I’m stuck working days. I managed to sneak out of work yesterday afternoon, which meant I was able to clean the chickens out and change their water etc, but today is my first day off since Tuesday and I won’t have another one until Friday. I checked the weather, and it looked ok for today. Cloudy but dry in the morning, rain this afternoon.

So, I left B to get a taxi to work instead of me dropping her off as I set off for the farm at a ridiculously early hour, so that I could get all my morning chores done and then move the pigs (Brini, Scrumpy, Fergie and Perky), their ark and their electric netting onto fresh ground before the rain sets in this afternoon.

But I hadn’t even finished feeding the pigs when it started drizzling … and by the time I’d finished, it had upgraded itself to rain. It’s been two hours, and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

So I either leave the pigs until Friday, and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain then as well, or I say to hell with it, and move them anyway.

Being in the rain isn’t the problem, though I’ll be hot and sweaty from moving the ark in my waterproofs, it’s keeping the bedding dry while I move the ark that’s the issue. Not to mention the fact that not only has B wasted money on a taxi she needn’t have got, I’ve also done myself out of a much needed lie in…

Bloody British summers, GRRRR!