Rain, rain, rain…

Like everyone, I am sick and tired of the British climate and my daydreams of what I would do if I won the Lottery are increasingly focussing on one thought: emigrate! All I want is a farm, nothing too big or fancy, so long as it’s located somewhere that still has the four seasons: lush, green springs which turn into long, lazy summers. They, in turn, fade into a crisp autumn, followed by a cold, snowy winter… Is that too much to ask? I don’t want to live in a hot climate, as rain makes the grass green and enables crops to grow. But the amount we’ve had for the past three years is just depressing.

Back in the real world, the field is quickly turning into a sea of mud, which is making it difficult to manage the grazing between now and winter (you know, still wet but cold and dark). Ideally, the pigs should be in the middle of the field, which is too wet to use in winter, but I need at least a week of (*whispers*) no rain to dry it from the recent deluges before I can put them back there, which means that instead of lightly mowing their winter grazing in the north of the field, the pigs are rapidly making the grass vanish … and poaching it up at the same time. If we can just have a dry September, I can pull them off there and it should recover, but that’s looking less likely as the days slip by.

Still, at least the shortening days lead to some beautiful scenes at dusk.

Dusk at the farm - 3 September 2009

Dusk at the farm - 3 September 2009

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  1. come on over to vermont then! except you’ll have to watch out for the moose, the lazy beasts take their time crossing the roads!

  2. Would that I could, especially after seeing the photos on your blog! Sadly, I don’t think that the US is calling out for unqualified smallholders… Or are you?!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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